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  1. Too cold outside for me to be thinking of refrigeration. But I notice what looks like a heating duct there. I wonder what might be feeding the BTU’s to that? By the way, the space you chose is exactly where I’d hoped to fit my tiny 12V compressor-powered refrigeration box, if it fits. Looking good, and I’m curious where you sourced that nice aluminium bracket for the table? Still too deep in winter here to be looking at the boat. I’m jealous!

    • Hi Sean,

      Aye just starting to warm up a bit this week although _6c last night. The leg is made by a Dutch firm ZWAARDVIS and a quick google says it is about 150 Euro.

      We bought ours last year from a local boat jumble for £10!! Including spare bracket….

      We will either buy a small fridge unit to fit or make a cool box and buy compressor and holding plate…see how funds go!

      The outlet is from the Eberspacher fitted in the port side locker in the wheelhouse , a one KW unit with two outlets and works fine.


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