2 thoughts on “dashboard now done with perspex over Mahogany Veneer under which small chartlets, info etc. can be slipped, Super Garmin Chartplotter connected to the new M-Tech 550 VHF with built in AIS RX

  1. Hi there,
    Just a message of support & encouragement – you’ve done a lot of good work in a short space of time – well done to you & the wife! You look as though you’ll be ready in time for the 2013 season at this rate. My boyfriend & I have a 1979 F25 and are doing an extremely similar refit job to yours… but ours has taken 3 years and counting! (Although, in our defence, we’ve also sanded back every inch of the interior to bare wood and revarnished it all x6 or so until it gleamed, teak veneered any interior woodwork that didn’t come up to scratch, removed & replaced the entire galley, stripped out every piece of wiring and rewired throughout, and replaced all the Treadmaster, amongst other things.) The thing that frustrates most is the deck fittings – watch for leaks like a hawk going forwards, they need constant attention or they will be the ruination of all your lovely interior efforts.
    All the very best with it – keep going, it’s worth it & you will be the envy of all your friends 😉

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