3 thoughts on “Old prop back on and coated with Lanocote after first warming the blades with a blow lamp…..hope the wee beasties do not like Sheep Fat!,

  1. I have the same size prop on our Fisher 25. Getting about 5.2 knots at 2800rpm Handles nicely with it and a nice bit of prop kick – who needs a bow thruster! Planning to put our refurbished Brunton Autoprop back on this season when we come ashore for antifoul etc.

    • Thanks for the info Chris, looking forward to the smaller prop and a bit more manouverability, the large one was like a paddle staeamer sideways. The auto prop sounds good and is something we will consider over the winter when she is up on the Clyde. Dave

  2. Autoprop is great for driving and stopping her but I missed prop kick with it when it was on originally. Now we have more time aboard the boat and learnt how the wind effects her close quarters I am going to give it a second try. Planning to play around with the rudder design in time – along the lines of http://www.rudderpower.com/html/_____m_y_tortuga.html

    Looked up my trials figures for the above prop – 1500 rpm = 3.7 knots, 2000 = 3.9 knots, 2500 = 5.1 knots

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