Afloat at Kip

Afloat at Kip

they say the weather is always like this in Scotland! lots of room between Jetties


3 thoughts on “Afloat at Kip

  1. Hey there, just noticed your new davits, and now I’m of a mind to order a set! I wonder can you tell me what model they are, and how well they keep the dingy clear of the rudder?

    • Hi, the davits were installed when we bought the boat but I think they are from plastimo. They work well and would be ready to fit…they clear the rudder OK with an extra strap under the dinghy to the stern rail.

      • Brilliant! Plastimo is what’s available to me. There are a couple of models with different section lengths. I’ll just take some measurements next time I can visit the boat, compare them to your photos, and get them ordered.

        By the way, I first noticed them suspending your inflatable in a photo I can no longer find here on the blog. Is it me??

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